Operate through the Patent 3258 of the C.P. Isauro Jose Aguilera y Figueroa and we are active members of CAAAREM, of the Customs Brokers Association of Yucatan and of the Mexico City International Airport. We have extensive experience in the food industry, petromarine, aerospace, chemistry and the Textile and Apparel Sector, among others.
Our company specializes in foreign trade and logistics services, which creates individual solutions for our clients, seeking the added value in their operations by focusing on creativity and innovation.
Being the principal provider of services concerning foreign trade and logistics in Mexico, through experience, operating procedures and quality in the services we provide.
Involves compromise and express consistency and authenticity (telling the truth), like the simple respect for the truth in relation to the world, the facts and people.
Generation of new ideas or concepts, and new associations between ideas and known concepts, which usually produce original and/or different solutions.
Common sense
Reasonable and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts resolving logical solutions to everyday problems.
Team Work
Willingness to work committed to a common purpose and shared responsibility.